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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hongkong trip with baby was great! =) Visited Macau, Shenzhen and Zhu Hai as well haha. The casinoes in Macau were quite an eye-opener for me. Exquisite buildings and furnishing. Makes me kinda excited how our own local IRs will look like come 2010.

Can understand why so many of my friends love HK. The food was great! Though everybody in HK always seem to be in such a big rush. And its seriously over-crowded over there la. Well, at least in Kowloon.

The thing i love about overseas trips is that you get exposed to the local cultures, customs, beliefs, and societal norms. And u really get to expand yr horizons and see things/life in a different perspective.

Visited Hong Kong International Airport on our way back to Singapore. Wished I could have explored more of it haha. Would be nice if I can visit every single major airport in the world. =)

Been reading a lot of news recently. Becoming a daily habit for me, which is good haha. I enjoyed reading the HK and Macau newspapers during my trip as well, looking at how their media, citizens, and govt interact in the public sphere.

Took me a few days to come to terms with life back in Singapore again. Still need a lot more sleep though.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today I felt really useless, helpless and inadequate.

I felt sad and tired.

It ached badly. V v badly.

Nothing I do seems to be enough.

Monday, January 19, 2009


The other day Nydia dropped me a sms, asking me how had 2009 been for me so far.

Bad. Unhappy.

I have been quite down since the start of the new year. Partly becoz of work issues, which I wont elaborate.

But more so becoz of my friends and loved ones.

I lost Gerard, 1 of my most respected army mates, and someone whom I really really look up to. Gerard got involved in a car accident and suffered severe damage to his brain. He cant rem or recognize anyone anymore. When I saw him lying in hospital, I couldn't control myself. I cried and cried. Why him I wonder? He was at the prime of his life, and had so many things looking forward for him.

All the dreams that we used to share together. All the dreams I know you always have.

But I know you ll wake up 1 day bro. You are strong and u ll always be strong. I ll wait for u.

To anyone reading this, I really hope u ll buckle up yr seat belt even if u are sitting in the rear seat of any vehicle. Life can be unpredictable.

I miss a lot a lot of my old friends. Esp my Arts Club friends, juniors, & PS mates. I also miss old friends like Soozie, Siying, Don, Chun Kiat, Chong Han, Yuyan, Alvin, Zhixiang, bit, michelle, shifty, ah bian, C Cube gang, and tons of others. I have not been able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. Maybe that is 1 of the realities of working life..in that u start to see less & less of yr older friends.

My friends really mean a lot to me, for I ll not be who I am and where I am today without my friends, past & present. Yet the feeling of having so little time to catch up with them frustrates and dampens me greatly.

Finally, my baby is down with eye infection. And not able to open her eyes fully. I have been really really worried for her, and feel so helpless. I would have loved to spend all my time taking care of her but again, there is only so much I can do given work commitments.

Maybe I need a long break to give my mind some peace and hopefully CNY period can give me that.

And it doesnt help that everyday when u flip thru the news, all u see is negative & more negative reports of the worsening global recession. Good luck to the graduating cohort for 2009.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


On 1 Jan 2008, this is what I said:


Wow, after such a long post of reviewing 2007, it is time to switch my attention to hopes for 2008!

As always, a brand new year promises new beginnings, new hopes, n new memories. 2008 ll be another unique year becoz:

(i) I ll be graduating in May. And i ll never be seen in the Arts Club room after that anymore (sob) hahaha.
(ii) I ll hit 25 meaning quarter of a century old in October 2008! Haha, but ok la, I actually like the feeling of grow old.
(iii) I ll be embarking on my career (for the rest of my life) n my 1st real job.

With those factors in mind, my hopes for 2008 ll be:

(1) That my family, friends, n loved ones continue to stay safe n healthy.
- Achieved. =)

(2) That I continue to keep in touch with old friends even after I graduate.
- Semi-achieved....I still keep in touch with some, but not as often as I would have liked.

(3) That I continue to keep fit, healthy, n slim down by at least 5kg! (must be more specific this time liao heh)
- Bad. Fitness dropped really bad after I started working.

(4) That I can successfully attain the CAAS Honours Year Scholarship, and to enter the dynamic aviation industry.
- Didnt get scholarship, but got into CAAS. Got offer from SIA as well.
- Achieved my aim of entering the industry. =)

(5) That I can graduate in peace, throw the mortar hat, n take lotsa grad photos with oldies like Chonghan, Bobsie, Soozie, Joy, Jia jia, Yuimin, Alvin, Jianwu, Alas Ter, Swi Swi, Bian Bian, Leonie, Weida, n many many others!
- Achieved...together with tons of my Honours year buddies. Fantastic group of friends and companions for the entire year of 2008! =)

(6) That I graduate with 2nd Upper Class Honours.
- Achieved. =)

(7) That the 28th MC and Arts Club ll enjoy a successful term, and that FOP 2008 ll be a great success.
- Achieved. =)

(8) That I ll get my class 2A bike licence & class 3 driving licence (passing at the 1st attempt).
- 2A on hold. Started on Class 3. On the way =)

(9) That I ll have enough $ to get a brand new bike- the SuperFour.
- 2nd thoughts on getting new bike.

(10) That Manchester United ll win the Premier League title again, as well as the Champions League!!
- Totally achieved!! Yeah!! =) =>

(11) Last but not least, that the iron walls & heavy armour clad around my heart will begin to soften again.
- It wasn't easy to achieve this, but I did it.
- I also met... you. =) Thank you for making 2008 especially memorable and sweet for me.

I m finally done! n_n Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year once again! And may all your hopes n dreams be fulfilled in 2008!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Gosh... I miss you so so much baby..... =(

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Been a while since I m here. =)

My baby's in KL for this long weekend, and only returning on Tues night. 4 days of not seeing her..Tough man. In fact, I oredi miss her so much since this morning haha.

Spent the day relaxing, watching dvds, and catching up on sleep. Lately i have been feeling more and more lethargic. I could so easily fall asleep within seconds of touching my bed at night, even before taking off my spectacles haha.

Its been 6 months since I joined CAAS & the T3 team. Wow. Cant believe how fast time flies. In terms of work, I have been growing much more confident and comfortable in coping. However, the workload is still really heavy. And there is still so so much to learn. =) Nonetheless, I m thankful to be here.

Managing the various airlines & agencies here is really not easy.

Understand that exams are over for my friends in uni. Congrats! =) Enjoy the holidaes yeah. Hope to catch up with some of u soon.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am beginning to realize a trend. That I am only blogging once a week nowadays. haha. And it is always on late Sunday nights. (Btw Sunday nights really suck, coz it signals the end of the weekend for everyone)

Year end peak period has come to Changi Airport. Expecting much heavier workload to come, tho not as if its not heavy enough now haha.

I need to manage my work-life balance better. I havent been exercising as much as I would have liked for the past month. And I haven't been meeting/talking to my old friends as much as I would have liked.

Anyway, todae I went to take family graduation photo. Those kind which our parents have always been looking forward to haha. My sis, bro, and I were all decked in our graduation gowns, while my parents were nicely dressed as well.

I dun really like taking such formal photos haha, but its more of to make my parents happy. And finally after 25 years of my existence, we are going to have this big 35-inch photo frame in our living room with the 3 children all happily graduated, working, & having found their respective loved ones. =)

Btw, my sis' boyfriend proposed to her 2 weeks ago. So she ll be getting married around next yr Sep/Oct. So happy for her! =)

Anyway, I have finally signed up for Class 3 driving licence. Ll be clearing my theory tests asap before chionging for the practicals. I want to get this asap & start planning for buying a car in perhaps 2-3 years time, after clearing my tuition fee loans.

Wonder whether this sounds Un-Hockish, but I have been thinking for a while now..n may discontinue riding the day I purchase a car. Its hard to explain. Its not that I dun love riding. I still do, and I love every moment when I mount on my bike and get my throttle roaring. For info, Ghost Rider's still pretty much my favourite superhero. =)

But the harsh realities of working life, as well as wanting to ensure that your loved one & possible future wife (even with kids! :p ) travels around in the greatest comfort necessarily dictates that a bike may not be enough.

That said, the Harley dream is still etched in my background. =) Won't forget it.

I ll be going for another overseas trip pretty soon with my darling. :) Can't wait! Also looking forward to spending Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, & Valentine's Day with her!

Love u baby~

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